Uber Inspection Requirements

Uber Vehicle Inspection

Here’s some basic info first regarding your upcoming Uber vehicle inspection. Uber has their preferred car inspection locations that are set up in most cities where Uber operates.  They are called Greenlight Hubs. When you bring your car to an official Uber Greenlight Location, they’ll  inspect it at no cost and usually pretty quickly while you’re waiting. In certain areas and cities, Uber pays a cash bonus when you get your first car inspection.

If you are trying to find an Uber Car Inspection location in your area? We will help you navigate the step by step process for signing up to drive for Uber as well as finding an Uber Car Inspection location near you.

To start, you must first signup to be an Uber Driver:

What Are The Items On The Uber Inspection Checklist?

So what are the inspectors looking for when they check your vehicle? First, they’ll ask you for the year, make and model of your vehicle. Mostly, you’ll have to turn on and off headlights, signal, honk, step on the brake, etc. The inspector will also open and close your doors, adjust your front seats and test the seat belts. The inspection itself doesn’t take more than 10-15 minutes.

Below is exactly what will be looked at in the Uber Car Inspection:

  • Headlights
  • Tail lights
  • Turn indicator lights
  • Brake lights
  • Brake pads/shoe thickness
  • Emergency/parking brake
  • Steering mechanism
  • Windshield
  • Rear window and other glass
  • Windshield wipers
  • Front seat adjustment
  • Safety belts for driver and each passenger
  • Doors (open / close / lock)
  • Horn
  • Speedometer
  • Bumpers
  • Muffler and exhaust system
  • Tires, including tread depth
  • Interior and exterior rear view mirrors

Uber Inspection – Pass Or Fail?

What To Do When You Fail The Vehicle Inspection?

If the reason you’re not passing is minor, such as your brake light not working, they can put your car inspection on hold for the day, and pass you when you return the same day with the item(s) fixed.

Otherwise, if you use one of our recommended Certified Mechanics, chances are they can get it fixed that same day.

 Inspection Passed!

Once you have passed the vehicle inspection at a Greenlight Hub, you will be given an official Uber sticker which you are required to place on your windshield when you are actively picking up Uber riders.

Once you have gone through the signup process you will be able to find an Uber Greenlight location near you.

Where Can You Find Uber Car or Vehicle Inspection Location?

Uber Greenlight Hubs, which are official Inspection Locations, are provided by Uber to ensure the safety of drivers and riders by having each vehicle inspected by a certified mechanic. They will go through a checklist to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Follow the instructions below to find an inspection station near you.

You can find the closest Uber Greenlight Spot in your area by first ensuring you meet all the Uber Driver Requirements. If you meet all the requirements, sign up to become an Uber Driver and Sign-In.

How to Find Official Greenlight Hub Locations


  • Go to https://help.uber.com/ and select “For Partners” in the menu
  • In the upper corner, click “Select a City” and look for your city
  • In the Search bar, enter “greenlight” or “in person offer assistance”
  • An important help article should show up in the drop down. Select it
  • If there are Uber Greenlight Hub Locations, they should be displayed on the page.

Another approach to discovering a Greenlight Hub Spot

Go to https://www.uber.com/drive/”yourcity”/. For instance, https://www.uber.com/drive/reno

On the off chance that a page comes up, look to “Contact Uber.” Greenlight Hub Locations ought to show up

What If There’s No Uber Greenlight Hubs Near Me?

If there are no official Uber Greenlight Locations near you, then you can take your vehicle to a “Third-Party” certified mechanic of your choice.

With https://rideshareinspectionlocations.com, we can help you find a “Third-Party” Certified Mechanic in your area which is ready to get your Uber inspection done.

Uber Car Inspection Locations

 Make sure to bring the Official Uber Inspection Form with you.

NOTE: Uber does not pay for inspections done by a “Third-Party” Certified Mechanic, however when you sign-up as an Uber Driver Partner with our Uber Sign-Up link, you could receive a Driver Reward when you complete your trips. This will easily cover the costs of a third-party certified mechanic.

Uber gives you a few options to get your vehicle inspection done: There’ll be a link to a list of participating “Third-Party” Uber inspection locations on this page. Pricing is usually around $20 for a car inspection.

Haven’t Signed Up to Drive for Uber Yet?

Here are the Driver & Vehicle Requirements for Uber Partners

Want to be driving as an Uber Partner but don’t know what the Uber driver and vehicle requirements are? It can be challenging to find information about what is needed to get started for driving for yourself. We will make it easy for you to get started by providing you with exactly what you need to do.

First, I want to mention, you must signup to drive for Uber before you can become an Uber Partner.

Once you sign up to drive for Uber, you will be required to get an Uber Inspection for your vehicle. For information about Uber’s preferred Uber Greenlight Hub in your area or you can find can click the link to find one our recommended “Third-Party” Certified Mechanics – Uber Inspection Locations in your area.